Science Queers

LGBTQIA+ science communication

Project that promotes science and LGBTQIA+ identities. Coordinated by doctor Lana Vuli, the scientist drag queen.

Language: Our actions are in Catalan, Spanish or English. Our YouTube channel is subtitled in all three languages. The articles on this website are in Catalan and English.

Our actions

We take part in your events as performers, moderators or MCs.

We organise our own events in a range of formality levels according to our objectives.

We integrate the participation of non-scientist drag artists and non-drag scientists.

Our numbers


live appearances


events organised


YouTube videos


hours published

Our highlights

Science Queers Academy
Reality show where six drag artists create performances with scientific content. Available on YouTube.

Pride in Science
Live event that showcases LGBTQIA+ people in scientific fields. It includes the Disney musical about pesticides in salmon.

Short videos, performances and stand-up
Different 1-to-5-minute actions like #ForeskinHater, the mortal dose of aspirin and the real neutral pH.